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PLUS: Eight Courses to Level Up Your Life, Designing a 'Jedi Warrior Program', Kosmic Consciousness and more mind-expanding ideas!

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😋 Oh hi there // Please feel free to feast on this month’s buffet of brainfood below in one sitting, or you can open in a browser to savour each nourishing mind-morsel one by one.

📝 One Word Writing Prompts // Inspired by David Whyte's book ‘Consolations’ (I cannot recommend this book enough) I started a WhatsApp writing thread with a couple of friends sharing our reflections on words that resonated. I decided to open up the first six words as mini writing prompts. In case you would like to contribute your own definitions the first six are: Persistence, Compassion, Trust, Commitment, Shadow and Play.

📲 Curious Humans Podcast App // I’ve been enjoying (bordering on obsessed) with Glide recently—it’s a tool that lets you build beautiful mobile apps just from a spreadsheet. Here’s the Curious Humans podcast app I built (in less than an hour). I then built my friend a custom meditation app in the back of a taxi. It’s genuinely so much fun to play with!

🐠 Freediving Adventures // As mad as it sounds, there is something ineffably blissful about taking in a deep breath and sinking down to the bottom of the ocean (managing 37.5 meters on my deepest dive last weekend). It feels like like high stakes meditation practice whilst getting a giant hug from the ocean (here’s a short poem I wrote about the experience).

😳 TEDx Talk // I’ve taken the plunge and committed to giving a talk at TEDx Ubud in October exploring my journey and insights from navigating grief. If you happen to be in Bali please do come along (use “friendsoftedx” to get a discounted ticket)

🙏 Meditation Teacher Training // An interesting thread emerged on Twitter around the tangible benefits of meditation practice’. I especially liked this response from the CEO whisperer Jerry Colonna: ‘I suffer less from the vagaries of my emotional life. Most days, I'm able to find my ground even while feeling groundless.’

❓ Question I’ve been Pondering // How much am I being held back and missing out on unexpected joy and opportunities due to my (ego’s) incessant need to “steer the plot” of my life rather than paying attention to life’s currents and embracing their slipstream? How might I trust life more and what would that look like?

Okay that’s all for now folks. Stay curious out there!


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🎙️ Weekend Listening: Latest Podcast Episodes

#007: Insights from a Year in Silence, Designing the 'Jedi Warrior Program' & Advice from the Dalai Lama with Joel Levey

"The Dalai Lama's advice to us was basically if you have the opportunity to work with people with tremendous amounts of power who lack the wisdom and the compassion to use that power wisely. If there's anything you can do to move them toward the capacity to use that..." – Joel Levey

Joel Levey was one of the first pioneers of mindfulness training back in the 70s, along with his partner Michelle, they worked with Google and NASA and co-designed a secret 'Jedi Warrior' program for the US elite special forces... in this conversation we touch on:

🙏🧙‍♂️ His thoughts on how to be curious in the face of suffering, why he chose to embark on a year of silence with his partner Michelle and advice that received from the His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

🎧Listen to the conversation with Joel

#008: The Big Wave Surfer Planting Seeds for Future Generations

"The ultimate goal of farming is not the growing of crops, but the cultivation and perfection of human beings."– Fergal Smith

Fergal Smith is a big-wave surfer and pioneering farmer, two words that don't often go in the same sentence. 

👨‍🌾🏄‍♂️ Ferg juggles his time between growing veg and paddling into 30ft slabs of Atlantic ocean swells! I spent a couple of days helping out at Moy Hill, getting my hands in the soil and helping the team fill their 90x veg boxes to be sent out that week. What I hope comes across in the conversation is Ferg's eloquent sincerity, the courage that it took and his vision to inspire a new generation of 'growers' and planting seeds for future generations (they’ve already planted 18,000 trees!)

🎧Listen to the episode with Ferg

🤯 Four Mind-Expanding Ideas for the Insatiably Curious.

1 // Elderhood in a Time of Trouble

When I first listened to this 7-part interview series it stopped me in my tracks. You can sense the depth of presence that Stephen brings to the conversation and the clarity that he brings to some of the most pressing questions of our current

“Wisdom is the place where knowledge is fired, forged, and annealed to become something of great beauty, useful to the world.

Human Culture is made when that beauty swells into life and dies to nourish a time we won’t live to see. 

Knowledge gathers wood and flint and gut. Wisdom conjures a cranky, playable fiddle from the gatherings.

People who have been bathed in the grief and love for life play some small magnificence on those fiddles together, and sing their unknown songs, and make human culture.” 

2 // How Life Happens

David is a champion of radical thought experiments and practical philosophy and this recent post of his on rainbows and sprinklers is one of my favourite examples.

Does this sound familiar at all?

“It’s not that we all think we’re the center of the universe. But our lives do tend to feel something like The Biggest, Most Pressing Thing Ever to Happen, when it’s really only a short thread running through a vast, endless fabric of happenings that is life on Earth.”

Right… me too 🤦‍♂️

He gently reminds us to try inhabiting a slightly less ego-centric approach:

“As far as I understand it, life always works this way, whether we recognize it or not. Life is nothing but moments, and every moment is nothing but another culmination of the universe’s incalculable ripples… yet the way we think about life seldom reflects that reality. We plan and worry and forecast and dread, all with an absurd sense of certainty, like we’re setting up snooker shots and we can see all the balls.

3 // Discover Your “Sparketype”

Whilst I have to admit that I’m a sucker for a good personality test, whether through craft or co-incidence, I felt like this one from Good Life Project podcast host Jonathan Fields helped me to shed light on a part of my identity that I hadn’t previously acknowledged… it’s powerful stuff!

His Sparketype test asks a series of question that seeks to uncover an archetype or “imprint” for work that makes us come alive.

I got the ‘Maven(Your Maven's fascination and yearning to learn might be expressed more generally, as a perpetual curiosity about everything and everyone) with ‘Scientist’ as my shadow archetype (driven by, and find a deep sense of satisfaction in the pursuit of an answer to a burning question, or the solution to a significant problem).

If you do take this test I’d be curious to hear if you find it helpful or insightful!

4 // Kosmic Consciousness

One of the audible books I’ve had perpetually plugged into my ear lobes has been this series of conversations between the philosopher Ken Wilber and Tammy from Sounds True audio.

Ken is the grandfather of something called ‘integral theory’ – an ambitious attempt to create a “Theory of Everything” drawing on insights from ancient contemplative practices to more recent theories of developmental psychology. It’s kinda dense at times but deeply fascinating (and spurs my own interest in presenting a more accessible integral theory through the ‘How to Human’ project). Here’s a taste to whet your apetite from Mr. Wilbur:

"What do you do—what can you do—when someone you love dies? How do you face the stark reality of your own inevitable losses, aging, and death? This is when practice matters most. If you can illuminate your shadow issues, if you can balance your body with proper exercise and nourishment, if you can see multiple perspectives, if your nervous system can release tension, if you can open into contact with more life and truth—all of these factors will determine your immediate experience, how present and loving you can be with whatever is arising, and whether—and how wisely—you can use it to grow.” 

👨‍🎓 Level Up Your Life: Eight Online Courses You Probably Haven’t Heard of (But Might Appreciate!)

Online courses are the future of learning. There I said it. Your iphone is (among other things) a DIY university in your pocket. The future is increasingly uncertain and life-long learning is no longer optional. The only question is which courses will you take and how much time will you set aside for learning?

🤓 Course #1 // Learn to Become a #NoCode Genius from Ben Tossell’s Makerpad – The tutorials on this are worth the membership price alone (secret signup link here!) and the Slack community is also great place to get feedback on new side-hustle ideas.

💪 Course #2 // The Stoic Quest by Jon Brooks – integrating and gamifying Stoic principles into your life. Regardless of whether or not you take the course, This podcast episode will probably convince you to embrace Stoicism as a life-operating system in one way or another.

👨‍🎓 Course #3 // Design Your Own Practical Life-Management System by Arthur Worsley – Arthur is a good friend and one of the most impressively prolific learners I know. I can only aspire to his levels of output and am tempted to take his new course Tracktion myself (use code ‘curioushuman’ to save $499 on this)

🤔 Course #4 // Cultivating Sovereignty & Integrating your Shadow by the Future Thinkers Duo – Mike and Euvie are the hosts of my new favourite podcast. I love the way they’ve framed the curriculum for these two courses: “Gain deeper self-knowledge and develop the clarity of perception, sensemaking, and agency to live your life on your own terms.” (use this link and code jonnymiller to save 10%)

👨‍🏭 Course #5 // Become a Strategy Consultant with Paul Millerd – I’m grateful to Paul for pushing me to launch the Curious Humans podcast earlier this year, and now his has launched an impressive course sharing his insights from years working at McKinsey and BCG (gift pricing options available).

💫 Course #6 // Metaphysics & Mystery by Charles Eisenstein – Warning: this is probably not for everyone. But if you’re one of those weird types (ahem 🙋‍♂️) who wrestles with the nature of reality and consciousness and meaning in the early hours of the morning… then this might just be for you (gift pricing also available).

⚖️ Course #7 // Decision Making by Taylor Pearson – Taylor is one of my favourite longform writers on the interweb (explore his essays here) and this course dives into his research on transforming uncertainty into opportunity in our increasingly complex world (is there a more important skill to master?)

🦁 Course #8 // Make Your Myth by Erick Godsey – I discovered Erick via this episode of the Astral Hustle podcast and found his fascination with Jungian and evolutionary psychology contageous. His course (which I’ve enrolled in) is about cultivating a relationship to that part of yourself that the Greeks called your ‘Daemon’.

👩‍🚀 Et Cetera

📚Books for all ages

👋 Say hey from the future

🧠 Is consciousness fractal? (IMHO: yes)

👨‍🎨 Randomly generated design prompts

🔪 Cutting edge stuff (gyms made of knives)

❤️ Truly exquisite spoken word poetry (wow)

👨‍🎓 Five types of mentors you need in your life

🤝 A meta-analysis of the neuroscience of trust

🙏 How much would it cost to wake up the world?

💬 Insights into the realm of last words final words

😏 Why the erotic is an antidote to death (must listen)

🤯 This is what happens when two bubble rings collide

💰 Reasons to consider investing in a coach (twitter thread)

🤔 It's impossible to be curious and defensive at the same time.

😃 New favourite human to follow on Twitter @visakanv (here’s why)

🏫 Apply to join the Monastic Academy (I’m considering this for 2020)

🌠 Transcending rationality and embracing the mystery (podcast episode)

📝 Parting Poem

Joy says,
‘I am here, always.
Waiting for you to be
Soft enough
To seep into your heart.
Sorrow says,
I am here, always.
Waiting for you to be
Soft enough
To seep into your heart.
Heart says,
When my guard is down,
I cannot tell the difference,
Between joy or sorrow. 

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Edges, 'Good Trouble' & The Mystery of Consciousness

Plus: a Rare Glimpse into the Future of Higher Education & Chasing Curiosity as a Career Path

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🥊 Duck & Weave // This edition of the newsletter is a little longer than most, because, well loads has happened! Please don’t feel any obligation to read in a linear fashion, but duck and weave your way through depending on which sections draws your fascination.

🧗‍♂️Between a Rock and a Joyful Place // One of my all time favourite lines by the writer Annie Dillard is: "How we spend our days, is in the end, how we spend our lives." I know these words to be capital ‘T’ true, yet they are so easy to lose sight of. Going outdoor climbing has been a reminder that all we (*ahem* ‘I’) really need in life to feel that bursting-at-the-seams sense of joy, is time in nature with a few fellow humans who embrace and love you for all of your kooky weirdness. That night, I fell asleep last night with a grin on my face so wide that my face felt sore.

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Okay that’s enough chit-chat from me. Sending good vibes and high fives to wherever in the world you are reading this from and wishing you a glorious and joy-filled second half of 2019.

Stay Curious Out There!


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Left: attempting to cross a raging Boulder river // Middle: The view from 10,000ft above British Colombia // Right: Hangtime!

🎧 Nudging Humans to Take their Curiosity More Seriously…

I'm thrilled (and slightly discombobulated) that over 2,500 people have had my voice chiming in through their ear-lugs since the Curious Humans podcast launch.

Financially speaking, indie podcasts aren’t the most sensible projects... investing upwards of a hundred hours in drafting, recording and editing conversations that could have otherwise been used for finding freelance work didn’t all make much ‘sense’.

But I felt compelled by the opportunity to learn and explore… and reading all of your reviews and messages have filled me with a deep irrational exuberance and a sense that this is exactly what I’m supposed to be doing.

Here’s a summary of the first five episodes to date (270 minutes of total listening time in case you fancied binging on them all!)

🧘‍♀️#001 // Kinaesthetic Literacy & Yoga as a Technology for Cultivating Good Humans with Karina Guthrie

"In yoga, our job is to stay open, to explore whatever comes into our sphere of awareness with a sense of curiosity and play, to allow ourselves to become fascinated by whatever comes alive for us in the moment."

– Karina Guthrie

📝 #002 // David Whyte on Courage as a Measure of Our Heartfelt Participation with Life

"Courage is a measure of our heartfelt participation with life with another with the community a work a future. To be courageous is not necessarily to go anywhere or to do anything except to make conscious those things we already feel deeply and then to live through the unending vulnerabilities of those consequences."

– David Whyte

🙋‍♂️ #003 // Embracing Uncertainty & Radical Curiosity with Leo Babauta

"When you’re feeling fear, instead of turning away from it or trying to escape/avoid it … try turning towards it. Actually allow yourself to feel the fear. We don’t often want to feel it, but we have a greater capacity to feel fear than we give ourselves credit for."

– Leo Babauta

👨‍🎓 #004 // A Rare Glimpse into the Future of Higher Education with Austin Louis

We talk about the courage required to step outside the curiosity-crippling traditional system into what he called the 'space between stories' and develop new worldviews. I found it inspiring to see the path that he has now found which feels more aligned with the human he aspires to become.

👩‍🚀 #005 // Chasing Curiosity as a Career Path with Anna Starkey

"Curiosity is the engine for both artistic and scientific enquiry about the world. It's time for a new age of curiosity to take flight - what if we could nurture a new culture of curious citizens, where everyone is enabled to ask questions, and to imagine our collective futures together."

– Anna Starkey

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🦂 Courageous Curiosity: The Antidote To Fear

There's an old story from a Native American tribe where an elder sees his son is afraid of a scorpion running in the sand a few feet away.

The elder walks towards them both and uses a stick to draw a circle in the dirt around the scorpion.

The scorpion stops moving. The elder then draws a line down the middle of the circle that the scorpion was in, and the scorpion begun to get really frantic.

He repeats this once, twice and finally one more time, at which point… the scorpion stings itself to death.

It’s an intense story, but there’s a powerful lesson—when we are afraid of what we're afraid of, our world contracts. Those horizons of possibility for life narrow. Each time we feel fear and don't move towards it a line is drawn through the circle of your life.

One of the reasons I love harping on about curiosity so much, is that this sense of courageous curiosity, the habit of investigating what we are afraid of and gradually exposing ourselves to the outer edges of our fear, expands our circle.

I’ve written before about finding these edges in life, peering over them and occasionally summoning the spinal fortitude to lean into them.

Last weekend, I was given the opportunity to share my half-baked How to Human idea on the WDS stage in Portland… in front of 950 people. The thought of this filled me with excitement and terror in equal measure.

Fortunately, the masterful Marsha Shandur was assigned to help with crafting my story. We talked for over an hour (I was feeling quite lost at this point), then she said

'Okay, I'll call you back in 10 minutes'.

Which she did, and somehow found a way to craft a coherent narrative from the various disparate threads with her storytelling wizardry.

I spent most of Saturday morning nervously pacing in the park, but when the time to share my story came there was an odd sense of serenity (maybe like being in the eye of a storm), and I felt exhilarating waves of elation and exhaustion after it was over.

Q. Where do you feel like your edges in life lie? // From our intimate relationships and creative endeavours to old traumas and physical feats we all have these edges... how might you begin to take tentative steps towards leaning into yours?

📚 Three Thought-Provoking Reads

🎵 1 // Cadence: A System for Organising Human Life

I came across this essay on a ‘system of organizing a human life that works’ by William Van Hecke and resonated with his experimental approach to building a system for getting stuff done. He writes:

"I gradually mutated my own system from that starting point and a pantheon of other inspirations, until the day came that I realized I didn’t practice GTD anymore, but something new. Like the Ship of Theseus, replaced part by part until nothing of the original remained."

‘Cadence’ refers to a ‘chord progression that cathartically resolves a section of music and the theme of the essay is about finding your own life rhythms, making time to check-in, asking what the story arc of your life might be… setting intentions for quests whilst having compassion for your brain and an awareness that we all contain multitudes within. It’s a long-read but well

NB. For more thoughtful approaches to productivity, pair with the excellent book ‘Work Clean’ by Dan Charnas and Taylor Pearson’s ‘How to Prioritise’ essay.

😏 2 // Causing ‘Good Trouble’ with Mr. Chimero

Frank Chimero is the legendary designer whose DO Lecture talk ‘Do things the long hard stupid way’ made an impression on my nearly six years ago. In this feature interview he unpacks some of the unquestioned assumptions and rules many of us carry around work in his uniquely Frankish way:

“Lately, I’ve been calling my answers to that question “Frankball”, so that I remember this is all a game. I’m creating rules for the game so that I can have my little business support the life I want to live… Good trouble is a re-negotiation of the rules, creating a little pocket of autonomy where it is safe to ask yourself the question, "How would I have it if I could choose?"

I loved Frank’s notion of ‘Good Trouble’, it reminds me of an Islamic word, ‘Bid‘ah’ that loosely translates to ‘innovative heresy’ and a productive questioning of dogma… which is what I feel like we need in our society right now.

And as Frank implies, in order to re-negotiate these rules authentically requires that we put down the snow globe of life for long enough to let it settle and pay attention to what appears.

🤯 3 // Panpsychism, Self-hood & The Mystery of Consciousness with Annika Harris

The Astral Hustle with Cory Allen is one of my favourite brain-stretching podcasts and this conversation with Annika Harris is a true gem. They go deep into how consciousness might arise and theories as to why it even exists…

I found it totally fascinating to hear how seriously she considers panpsychism (especially given that she is the partner of Sam Harris) and loved Cory’s lyrical descriptions of how humans are like a ‘biological jazz band’—in that not only do we not have one single subconscious but that it’s more like ‘an infinitely recursive fractal loop of harmonics that resonate to give the illusion of a single note’.

👨‍🏭 Curious Humans Jobs

Seven remote-friendly job openings for the relentlessly curious and borderline unemployable.

🎏 Avaaz campaign director

🚀 Best Self Marketing Director

😴 Product Lead Design to solve sleep

📹 Videographer for Who Gives a Crap

🤼 Senior Organisational Designer at Nobl

🏄‍♂️ Product designer for the World Surf League

💸 Asia manager for the Unreasonable Institute

🤔 Et. Cetera

I double dare you not to clickity-click on all the linkity links!

🎳 Robot bowling

🌊 Work is like water

🤔 Paradoxical words

🐦 A bird made of birds

💞 Desires are infectious

📝 Why write daily haikus

❓ Design questions library

🐙 The octopus origin story

🐶 The evolution of puppy eyes

📆 Disk defrag for your calendar

🥤 8.3bn tons of plastic (illustrated)

💫 DIY subatomic particle detectors

🥗 Redesigning the world’s tech diet

🐬 What are animals are thinking and feeling

🐋 Revolutionary snot collecting marine drones

🍄 The case for pro-environmental psychedelics

📝 Parting Thought…

None of us, regardless of our grit or talent, achieves or becomes anything on our own. Everything we are and do is a collective effort… even when it doesn’t really feel like it.

Credit to Wallace J Nichols for the image + post

Embracing Uncertainty & Radical Curiosity with Leo Babauta

What Leo learned about learning, his fun debate with Tim Ferriss on abandoning goal setting and more...

This is a quick note to mention that episode #3 of the Curious Humans podcast is live, enjoy!

🌴Leo Babauta is the prolific writer of Zen Habits who joined me from the distant island of Guam 7,400 miles away.

🎧Listen to our conversation in full on SpotifyCastro or iTunes

Listen on iTunes

"When you’re feeling fear, instead of turning away from it or trying to escape/avoid it … try turning towards it. Actually allow yourself to feel the fear. We don’t often want to feel it, but we have a greater capacity to feel fear than we give ourselves credit for."

– Leo Babauta

In this wide-ranging conversation we covered…

🧘‍♂️ The incredible Zen Habits origin story—his path from being in debt, overweight, a smoker and feeling miserable to escaping debt, gaining a following of over a million readers, publishing books on habit-change, finding joy and even running an ultra-marathon!

💪 How to develop 'radical curiosity' and dive inwards even when you don't like what you're seeing; how to ‘hold the pose’ when you're entire body wants to shut down and run.

👨‍🎓 How he unschooled and de-programmed his kids to facilitate their own natural state of curiosity.

🚀 Leo's compelling case for why a fully-optimised life would actually suck and risks being the most controlled boring thing possible.

🤼 What he's learned about learning and a fun debate with Tim Ferriss on the idea of abandoning goals.

❓Listener Question // “How do you feel about the balance between achievement and appreciation?” Share your thoughts here in the comment thread.

📝 Read the full transcript here over on Medium.

⭐If you enjoyed this conversation (or either of the previous episodes with Karina and David) taking 30 seconds to leave a rating on iTunes would be much appreciated (and huge thanks to everyone has reviewed it so far!)

David Whyte on Courage as a Measure of Our Heartfelt Participation with Life

Enjoy this deep-dive with TED speaker, philosopher and acclaimed poet David Whyte on what he calls the conversational nature of reality’

Greetings Fellow Curious Humans 👋

This is a slight deviation from the regular Curious Humans broadcasting, but I wanted to share the latest podcast conversation with the TED speaker, philosopher and acclaimed poet David Whyte.

There are maybe a handful to times in your life where you discover a book, that you want to keep by your bedside for the rest of your life.

For me that book is David Whyte’s ‘Consolations’. It ratcheted open my mind to a whole new perspective on the definitions of big words like Ambition, Courage and Heartbreak.

I’m not sure how to even begin to describe exactly what it is that David does. On paper he's an acclaimed poet, a writer and a philosopher…

But to my mind, after having spent a week with him on the Irish Atlantic coastline, I feel like he's a true elder, with a deep philosophical curiosity and gift for weaving together our inner and outer worlds in what he calls 'the conversational nature of reality’. 

We recorded this wide ranging conversation in David's cottage by a roaring fire and what I really hope comes across, is the way that his voice casts a spell of sorts that puts those listening (myself included) into a state of reverie and complete undiluted attention.

“Courage is a measure of our heartfelt participation with life with another with the community a work a future. To be courageous is not necessarily to go anywhere or to do anything except to make conscious those things we already feel deeply and then to live through the unending vulnerabilities of those consequences.”

– David Whyte

Listen on iTunes

🎙️The episode is also available on Spotify, Castro, Castbox, Stitcher and Google Play.

📝If audio isn’t your thing and you’d like to read a transcript of the conversation you can head over to Medium here (including photos taken from the Irish west coast).

❓The listener question for this episode is: "Do you have a favourite poem that you carry with you? How has poetry shaped your life?” – please share any thoughts in the comment thread.

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