PLUS: Returning to Bali, Exploring Archetypes & Blood-Sucking Gnats
In Conversation with Jamie Wheal Listen now (110 min) | Diving Into The Meaning Crisis, Hedonic Engineering, Rapture Ideologies & Forging a Culture of Post-Traumatic Growth
PLUS: Farewell Mexico, Collecting Life's Big Questions & Dancing with Grief.
PLUS: 2021 Emotional Resilience Training + Retreat in Oaxaca
PLUS: Life Updates from Guatemala, Handpan Magic + Donkey-Delivered Internet
PLUS: Poetry Publishing + An Extended Honeymoon to Guatemala
PLUS: 'Reflecting Forwards' Annual Review Template & Exciting Personal News.
PLUS: Reflecting Forwards, Free-flow Movement Meditations, The Four Causes of Procrastination & Designing a GPS for Navigating Challenging Emotions
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