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In Conversation with Jamie Wheal

In Conversation with Jamie Wheal

Diving Into The Meaning Crisis, Hedonic Engineering, Rapture Ideologies & Forging a Culture of Post-Traumatic Growth

Hello Curious Humans 👋

Jonny here—I’ve just landed back from an interesting trip to Colombia & absurdly excited to share this firecracker of an episode with one of the most interesting and radical thinkers of our generation (listen to the full conversation on Spotify / Apple / Other).

Jamie Wheal is a genuine 21st Century Renaissance Man. He's world-renowned for his work writing Stealing Fire and creating the Flow Genome Project—and as you'll hear in our conversation, the book he has just published is unlike anything else you'll ever read.

I see him as being a bridge between the spiritual + the scientific (bringing a much-needed lightness to both) with a deep commitment to his craft.

He is pioneering studies with Johns Hopkins and MAPS whilst wading deep into questions of how do we evolve and mature as humans or in his words:

How do we “Stay awake. Build stuff. And help out."

In this conversation which felt more like a science-fiction rhapsody we bounce around between:

☄️  Why we're facing a new Meaning Crisis and the looming pitfalls of the rise of 'Rapture Ideologies'

🧘‍♂️  The Hedonic Yoga of Becoming experiment he dreamt up and ran with after a conversation with Roland Griffiths at MAPS.

💔  We talk about what it means to ‘Grieve Globally + Thrive Locally’—to move from tragic to post-tragic worldviews and the real need for cultivating a culture of post-traumatic growth.

🤯  Finally, something I don’t believe he has yet shared elsewhere—how he's planning on launching a post-modern religion in hyperspace taking the form of an alternate reality game called Y-ANON (not kidding).

🎧 Truly this has been one of my favourite & mind-bending conversations to date. If some of the ideas resonate, I’d absolutely recommend buying his book and would also love to hear any reflections that arise.


Listen to the Episode

p.s. if you know any fellow humans who might appreciate this podcast episode please forward this email on or share the link on Twitter—I believe these ideas need to be out in the world!  
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